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Welcome to our website! Here, you will be able to RSVP for upcoming events, view your hours, ask questions, and access important forms and documents!


We look forward to the school year ahead full of service, spirit, and leadership!


-Ayala Key Club Officer Board 2020-2021


Welcome to the 

Official Ayala Key

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If you can no longer attend an event, you MUST fill out a cancellation form. You may only fill out a cancellation form 2 times per semester, so please be diligent when signing up for events. Failure to submit a cancellation form 24 hours in advance, or cancelling on more than 2 events, will result in a 1-month suspension.  


Please get your Outside Hours form approved by any Key Club officer before your event!

Outside Hours Form

Palm Trees


Due 3/31

Download the Flora app and use it when studying or doing homework. 

Plant trees to help the environment while unplugging and being productive!

Photo submission: send a screenshot of your profile with the trees

Used Plastic Bottle on Beach



Watch the video about Terracycle on the @deartrees.ahs Instagram or their website https://cchanginghabitss.wixsite.com/climatechange/terracycle and collect items that can be recycled.  When we can gather to organize these materials, we will ask you to bring in your items and sort them for even more hours!

Photo Submission: photo of your gathered recyclable items

*Collaboration with DearTrees*

Running Gear


Due 3/31

Download the AtlasGo app and do activities, such as playing football or walking, to earn money for charity.


(Join our team named “Ayala Key Club”!)

Photo Submission: screenshot of the distance you completed or the money you raised



Check out this webpage https://linktr.ee/EDUtrophy and sign up to become a tutor.  Help reduce the educational gap created by Covid -19 by signing up to tutor a K-8 student!

Photo Submission: with permission, take a photo of the homework or work you are helping with

*Collaboration with EDUtrophy*


 Due 3/31

Reflect on a Key Club event that you participated in ​using 3-5 sentences. This article must be submitted the same month as the event you participated in. (Ex. Article on the August DCM must be submitted during August)

Visuals: photo taken during the event or related to the event. 

3 articles (3 hours) and 3 visuals (15 minutes) MAX

Sign up for our Remind:

text @akcco## to 81010

(## fill in graduating year)

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