Hello Key Clubbers!


Welcome to our website! Here, you will be able to RSVP for upcoming events, view your hours, ask questions, and access important forms and documents!


We look forward to the school year ahead full of service, spirit, and leadership!


-Ayala Key Club Officer Board 2021-2022


Welcome to the 

Official Ayala Key

Club Website!




If you can no longer attend an event, you MUST fill out a cancellation form. You may only fill out a cancellation form 2 times per semester, so please be diligent when signing up for events. Failure to submit a cancellation form 24 hours in advance, or cancelling on more than 2 events, will result in a 1-month suspension.  


Please get your Outside Hours form approved by any Key Club officer before your event!

Outside Hours Form

Commercial Building at Night

Necessities Drive (collab with Find Kind Club)



 Help find kind club’s collaboration with HIS House organization that assists those who are impoverished/homeless. students can donate the following items for service hours
- children's tylenol
- children's cold medicine
- adult cold medicine 
- full size blankets
- standard size pillows
- size 6 diapers

Location:  Chino Hills Community Center

Time: 10:00am-11:00am



8th of every month

Reflect on a Key Club event that you participated in ​using 3-5 sentences (minimum of 100 words). This article must be submitted the same month as the event you participated in. (Ex. Article on the August DCM must be submitted during August)

Visuals: photo taken during the event or related to the event. 

3 articles (3 hours) and 3 visuals (15 minutes) MAX

Volunteers Serving Food

Love for the Elderly


Write encouraging letters to seniors and brighten their day.
Follow the directions on how to write the letters on this website https://loveforourelders.org/letters 
1. Choose which person you would like to send a letter too

2. Follow the guidelines of writing the letter
3. Mail the letter to the corresponding address.

Hours: Amount of time spent writing kind letters.
Send a picture of your letters and send it to alexis.villamil2004@gmail.com

Girls Carrying a Recycling Bin



Watch the video about Terracycle on the @deartrees.ahs Instagram or their website https://cchanginghabitss.wixsite.com/climatechange/terracycle and collect items that can be recycled.  When we can gather to organize these materials, we will ask you to bring in your items and sort them for even more hours!

Photo Submission: photo of your gathered recyclable items

Hours: an estimate of hours you actively thought about recycling items you are finished with

*Collaboration with DearTrees*

Ferris Wheel

Priceless Pets Sunday Morning Dog Hike




Join Priceless pets on their weekly hike where they take all their shelter dogs out of their kennel for a nice walk. Here, you will walk a dog meet!


Feel free to bring your pets as well, as long as they are all up to date with vaccines.


Location: The Orphanage Chino Hills (Priceless pets)

Time: 8:00am

Send a picture of you on the hike to  alexis.villamil2004@gmail.com